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COMPATIBLE WITH iPad & iPod touch

Get 24/7 updated information on art exhibitions in China! As simple as it is!

All you need is to download Art in the City iOS APP.


How do you know which are the galleries and museums you shall visit in Shanghai, Beijing & Hong Kong? How do you obtain information of art exhibitions in China?


By viewing what friends post on social media? Or reading news release? Or checking every single website of the galleries and museums you know?


Truth be told, it is already hard for art professionals to identity a systematic way to obtain these info in China, so not even need to mention how it is for ordinary art lovers.


Art in the City iOS APP solves all the problems and doubts!


- Problem: Among hundreds of galleries and museums in the city, which ones are worth visiting? Where are they? How to get there?

Art in the City APP: China’s first and only digital “CITY ART MAP” provides you with a complete overview of the city art scene in terms of geographical distribution. The navigation function allows you to start your journey at any time!


- Problem: Any great exhibitions to recommend?

Art in the City APP: “WHAT’S ON NOW” and “WHAT’S ON NEXT” tell you what the current and upcoming exhibitions are. With description and images, you will be more prepared before visiting the exhibition.


- Problem: I planned to visit that exhibition. Too many things and I totally forgot!

Art in the City APP: “MY CALENDAR” saves the exhibitions you are interested in, allowing you to make your own schedule. The notification will remind you both opening time and closing time. Don’t ever worry about missing anything!


NOW take out your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, get closer to art!